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3D galéria
3D galéria Google Earth

Welcome to the Project Virtualna Povazska Bystrica

Probably everyone takes intrest in the program Google Earth, thanks to which we can see satellite images of the entire world. For many years in many cities of the world, including the possibility of display of buildings into 3D, previously they were only gray blocks, the buildings are now textured to create an even better impression of reality.

As part of the project "Virtualna Povazska Bystrica", we want to map as many premises within the city and county Považská Bystrica.
There is in our database 148 modeled objects of which 144 models are automatically displayed in Google Earth.

If you would like to help, you may contact us through the section "Help".

10.09.2011:Soon - old heating station in PS area. More info and photos on
12.02.2011:Fan stránka na Facebooku je opäť funkčná, porucha bola spôsobená zmenou dizajnu.
09.02.2011:Vyskytli sa problémy s funkčnosťou fanstránky na Facebooku, už čoskoro bude stránka bežať v normálnom režime.
15.01.2011:The procedure to find out where they are unpainted areas on the model in the gallery on a fansite on Facebook.
02.01.2011:Pridajte sa medzi fanúšikov na Facebooku a získajte ďalšie informácie o projekte.
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3D display elevated highway in Povazska Bystrica

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